cPanel functions explained

Web Based Control Panel
You may manage all aspects of your account, configure email options, install CGI scripts, administer databases and more, via an easy to use online control panel. The type of Control panel and Features will depend on your Package

Email Addresses
Configure as many email addresses, for each of your domain names, as you wish. Mail to any address can be sent to a POP3 mailbox on the server, forwarded to another email address or to a default location.

Catch-all/Default Email Aliases
You can automatically set all email for a domain to forward to one email address or mail box.

POP3 Mailboxes
POP3 mailboxes are essentially to store mail until it is collected. You can create a password protected mailbox for each individual or each department in your organization.

Web Mail
You can check your email from anywhere with our webmail interface. Login with your email user name and password to send and receive email.

Auto-responders reply to incoming email instantly and automatically. When your personal response is limited due to work pressure or holidays, an auto-responder may be set up to supply a selection of information to the caller.

Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions
FrontPage extensions are installed on our web servers. This allows you to take advantage of the dynamic features in Microsoft's web page authoring software.

CGI Scripting In Perl
CGI scripts are small programs that run on the server to add inter-activity to your site. Your account is equipped with its own CGI directory that allows you to install and develop your own CGI scripts. We support CGI scripts written in Perl. For more information, see

PHP Scripting
These enable the addition of dynamic elements to your HTML web pages and automatically insert dates, file information, and other HTML documents. For more information, see

MySQL Database
MySQL is the most popular Open Source Database. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use. For more information, see

Sub Domains
You can create subdomains for your domain e.g. to go to a separate sub directory on your hosting account.

Parked Domains
Map multiple domains to your web site, for example: and can be set to go to the same site.

Graphical Web Site Statistics
View real-time usage statistics for your web site. See how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, what search keywords they use to find you and more. You also have access to bandwidth usage graphs and raw error logs.

Password Protected Directories
You may restrict access to certain areas of your web site and configure any number of usernames and passwords. You may create an extranet or provide sites where membership is required.

Customized Error Pages
You may customize the standard error responses of your virtual server, to encourage visitors to stay on your site when an error occurs.

FTP Access
You will have 24/7 unlimited access to your account to upload files and make changes to your pages.

Web File Manager
Manage your files from your control panel. You can upload/add/edit any of your files from your control panel.

Anti SPAM Filtering
Activate SPAM Assassin and you can expect to see most all unsolicited mail eradicated from your inbox. However, you can tune the sensitivity as well as add addresses and domains to your black and white lists to create a solution tailored to your needs. Please ask for pricing on this option.

Technical Support
If you should run into difficulty with your account, email support at

Online Documentation
A wealth of information and instructions are available at any time from the online support center. Context sensitive help is available at any time from within the control panel.

Instant Account Activation
Place your order online and pay by PayPal for instant account activation with our Linux packages or email our sales team for your account to be set up the same day.

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